So You Want to Sell Real-estate. Blog #3 Establish a Farm Area….

“Ol’ Mc Ricky Had a Farm, Gee my Dough did Grow”. Or something like that. Yes today I’m going to encourage you to establish a farm area.

This is one of those categories that you can develop for your database like we’ve discussed in the previous blog.

So what do we know about a prosperous farm? It’s like a vegetable farm or an orchard. Here’s what you need to have to consistently get a good yield?

  1. Great soil that’s rich with nutrients so you have great growth potential.
  2. Superior seed that produces the best product and yield.
  3. Know and be passionate about your product.
  4. A modeled consistent maintenance plan that includes watering, feeding, cultivating, weeding and so on.
  5. Harvesting the best product at its peak.
  6. Marketing and selling that product to waiting, hungry consumers at a competitive price.
  7. Replacing sold product with new fresh seeds or seedlings.

I grew up in a farming community in the great state of Oregon. The early 70’s brought more and more interest in the farming community for Christmas Trees. So a lot of berry, hay and potato farms were replaced by trees. The interesting fact about Christmas trees is that they take from between 5-7 years before they’re ready to go to market. By the way that’s 5-7 years of pruning and shearing the trees which is a lot of hard work. (Hint Christmas trees do not grow looking like Christmas trees.) “Any who” the business minded farmer will have several fields growing staggering them for different years of yield so they always have paycheck every year. Makes sense.So now you know how to grow trees. Did I get off topic? Not really. The concept of a real-estate farm area is the same as the concept of a regular farm.

  1. Great Soil: An area or subdivision that is solvent or has good turn over
  2. Superior Seed: An awesome exposure campaign that keeps you in front of the home owners
  3. Know and be passionate about your product: Know your farms market trends, community events, floor plans local area businesses and so on. If you can, make your first farm in the area or subdivision you live in.
  4. A modeled consistent maintenance plan: A minimum 12 touch plan which puts you in front of your farm area home owners monthly. Getting involved with the local HOA doesn’t hurt. Making a subdivision facebook page is awesome. Keep it about community not just about real-estate. The more people that like your community page will be touched more often and be reminded that you are the local expert.
  5. Harvesting the best product at its peak: When a home seller has the need to sell you want to be the first one they think of. When one of their friends or acquaintances has a real estate need Ditto. (Hint- Some homeowners don’t know they want to sell until an opportunity arises like a buyer wanting their specific model.)
  6. Marketing and selling that product to waiting, hungry consumers at a competitive price. An Incredible exclusive marketing plan including great eventful open houses. I still feel the best marketing to future home sellers is yard signs and lots of them.
  7. Replacing sold product with new fresh seeds or seedlings: Always know who’s going and coming and update that info in your farm area section of that database.

If you’re going to half-way commit to starting and maintaining a farm area my suggestion is don’t do it at all. Because everything will basically wither and die quickly until some responsible farmer comes in to take it over. Don’t worry they will if the farm is not properly attended.
If you’re going to start a farm area make a lifelong commitment to develop and nurture it and the farm will reward you by feeding you even in the slim times.

Be advised that 300-500 homes is a great start and then slowly branch out. One of the mistakes I see new agents make is setting up a farm area that is too large and intimidating to manage. You have to have the resources to maintain a successful farm. Now don’t confuse resources necessarily with money. If you had a 300 home farm area and limited finances you could basically walk the subdivision 2 days a month if needed.

So get out there and farm you “Old McDonald” just E-I-E-I GO!!!!
Blog you soon!

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